The Dolomite Group is committed to good environmental stewardship with all our operations. Dolomite takes a proactive approach to ensure our operations are carried out in a responsible environmentally friendly manner to minimize our impact on the environment. The New York Group has formed an environmental committee to review and identify the latest topics regulatory agencies are targeting. This committee discusses best management practices that would benefit our companies to ensure compliance. Facility site inspections are conducted on a regular basis to help ensure compliance and possibly identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed or changed within our operations.

Our Hot Mix Asphalt division used 108,659 tons of Recycle Asphalt Pavement (RAP) during the 2012 season. This helps reduce the amount of virgin aggregate we have to buy. Another product the Asphalt Division uses is Warm Mix Asphalt. This mix helps reduce energy consumption when made by lowering the normal mixing temperatures from 330 degrees to 275 degrees.

Our Canandaigua Rd. site was recertified through the Wildlife Habitat council Wildlife at Work for another 2 years.

The environmental process at Dolomite is always evolving to match pace with current world views.