Our priority is to provide the highest level of service possible to our customers.  In order to achieve this, communication and teamwork with our customers is essential.  Please keep these simple guidelines in mind:


Concrete Ordering Guidelines

New Orders Lead Time

  • At least 48 hour notice on ALL regular orders
  • At least 72 hour notice on Conveyor orders
  • Lightweight, Special Color, Special Fibers – 3 weeks



  • Confirm Will Calls as early as possible, but not less than 1.5 hours before scheduled delivery time
  • At least ONE HOUR notice to cancel an existing order
  • At least TWO HOUR notice to cancel Conveyor orders

Order Details

  • Order by Mix Number (We will be glad to supply a copy of all your possible mixes to the jobsite trailer or office).
  • Delivery address and EXACT Directions
  • Accurate truck spacing and unloading rates
  • Accurate yardage estimate- Please use the maximum amount you may need as the “ordered quantity”, and put a “hold quantity” at the point where you want to stop before ordering the rest.
  • Plan for reasonable balance

5 – 49 yards ordered…………Up to 6 yard balance

50 – 99 yards ordered……….Up to 12 yard balance

100 – 149 yards ordered……Up to 18 yard balance

150 – 199 yards ordered……Up to 24 yard balance

200 yards and up……………….Additional 15% of order

  Status Terminology

Go Order- The order will be loaded and delivered at the scheduled time.

Will Call Order- The order will not be loaded until a confirmation call is received from the customer.

Hold Order- This is used at times to hold up a previously “Go Order”. 

Ready ASAP- The Order will be loaded and delivered as soon as possible.

Help us give you the best service possible

  • Each change in Spacing or Unloading times has consequences that affect other customers.
  • If the situation changes on the jobsite, and you know your unloading times are changing……Give us a call……This gives us more opportunity to accommodate you.